2015 Annual meeting of the initiative

The annual meeting of the initiative was held in Wednesday May 6th at the primary school in Fáskrúðsfjörður.  This year the focus was on economics and the economic indicators of the initiative.


Proceeding of the initiative in 2014 were presented and three guest speakers talked. Jón Skafti Gestsson, economist at the VJI Consulting discussed the idea of ​​measuring sustainability by assessing   capital rather than flow of products or quality. Ásta Kristín Sigurjónsdóttir, project manager at Fjarðabyggð municipality, discussed the main economic parameters of society and criterions for performance. Guðlaugur Sæbjörnsson CFO at Fljótsdalshérað municipality discussed economic criterions for municipalities.

Economic Indicators project and economic indicators in general were discussed in group activities at the meeting.

You can view the slides, photos and more from the meeting on the meeting page (only in Icelandic).


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