More than 81% inhabitants of Eastern Iceland are positive in their view towards Alcoa Fjardaral Operations.


In a recent survey conducted by Capacent Gallup in Iceland for Alcoa Fjardaal and Landsvirkjun, over 81% inhabitants state they have positive attitudes towards Alcoa Fjardaral Operations and a little less than 75% inhabitants are positive attitudes towards Landsvirkjun Operations.

The Sustainability Initiative in Eastern Iceland monitores the attitudes of the local communit towards Alcoa Fjardaal and Landsvirkjun. The companies have contracted Capacent Gallup to conduct annual surveys in order to fulfill the companies obligations to the inititative. The latest survey shows that 81% of the inhabitants in Eastern Iceland have positve attitudes towards Alcoa Fjardaal and a little less than 75% have positive attitudes towards Landsvirkjun.  Please click here to see the results as presented in the indicator.


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