1.20 Cultural Events

Indicator 1.20 - Cultural Events


The photo was taken during an event - Thjódleikur -  where 14 groups of young actors performed over one weekend in 2009. Among the attendees were the President of Iceland and the Minister of Culture.


Gallup questionnaire in East Iceland starts in every autumn for Alcoa Fjardaal. There are questions asked, related to the availability of cultural events, and their results are published here. By 2018 there were 1,234 people in the sample and the response rate was 44.5 %.

How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with a range of cultural events available in East Iceland?

Capacent Gallup Questionnaire 2018

 Satiesfied Neither Dissatisfied 
 201674.6%15.4% 10% 

Updated: Febuary 27th 2019. 

Source: Capacent Gallup surveys (2016-2018).

Rationale for Indicator Selection

Access to cultural opportunities contributes significantly to a resident's quality of life.

Being able to take advantage of cultural opportunities will encourage employees and their families to build an attachment to the area. This is important for the social wellbeing of current residents and new residents that move into the area.

Metrics, Targets and Monitoring Protocol

What is measured?

Satisfied population with the availability of cultural events (project effect: derivative).


Not applicable, monitoring only.

Monitoring Protocol

A sample survey among residents in East Iceland.

Possible countermeasures

Not applicable, monitoring only.

Changes to indicator and metrics

At annual meeting of the initiative, May 8th 2018 following change was approved:

Orginal text Changed text 
What is measured?The number of cultural events per year in East Iceland. (Project effect: induced).What is measured?Satisfied population with the availability of cultural events. (Project effect: derivative).

Number of cultural events greater than or equal to the baseline.


Not applicable, monitoring only.

Monitoring Protocol

Information is collected annually by counting advertised events in the local media.

Monitoring Protocol

A sample survey among residents in East Iceland.

The argument for the change indicator was discussed in group work at the 2011 Annual Meeting. The following were stated.

Problem: Measurement of inaccurate and subjective assessment of information gathering based on outcome. The definition of "cultural events" is not clearly defined in the monitoring plan.

The conclusion of the working group was that this indicator was very important for the project and it was necessary to measure development in some way. Problems concerning the definition of "cultural events" were discussed and decided that satisfaction was a better method of measurement than counting advertised events. Instead of stiff definition of what a cultural event is, it was proposed to allow respondents to decide what a cultural event is, without having to define it further.

The question may sound as follows: "How satisfied are you with cultural events in the area?" The respondents then gave the opportunity to express their satisfaction in a measurable manner with subjective judgment that does not require definitions of the word "cultural event."

Comment on this measure is that in addition to the availability of cultural events, participation in cultural events could be explored.

Steering group entrusted this method of measurement in practice. No decision was made on a survey of participation in cultural events.

Further reading

Cultural Events in East Iceland in 1999 and 2005 (counted by advertisements in local media).

  1999 2005
East-Iceland 398 542

Source: Ívar Jónsson (2007)

Ívar Jónsson (2007) Árangursmat á samningi ríkisins og sveitarfélaganna á Austurlandi frá 14. maí 2001 og 15. mars 2005 um menningarmál.