Facts of Interest

Unique Endeavour

The Sustainability Initiative in Eastern Iceland is a pilot project. It is still unknown whether a comparable initiative has been entered into at the beginning of a construction process.

The Alcoa and Landsvirkjun Sustainability Initiative was launched in 2004, in the early stages of the construction of the Karahnjukar dam and the Fjardaal smelter in Reydarfjordur. Neither one of the companies had a model how to conduct a project of this kind. It soon became clear that the initiative was a pilot project, not only in Iceland, but globally. Still, It is unknown whether a comparable initiative has been entered into at the beginning of the construction process. 

Icelandic and foreign consultants were hired to help the companies with the design and outline of the project.

The objective of the initiative is to support the idea of sustainable development, paying respect to the projects' environmental, economical and social effects with the aim to minimize negative effects, wherever possible, and maximize the positive ones.